Balloon Helium Service

Looking for a place to fill up your balloon(s) with helium? PlayFunParty is happy to offer the our Helium Service. Please Note: This is ONLY the price of helium and does not include balloons or balloon weights. You must provide your own Balloons. Balloons purchased in Create Your Balloon Bouquet includes helium. Proof of purchase is required.

Give us a call at (919) 346-1014 or email  to schedule your time to ensure we have helium available and able to control the number of people that come in to our store.


11” Latex                                 $1.25  per balloon

25” Latex Balloon                      $25.00 per balloon

18” Mylar                                     $4.00 per balloon

        16″ 3-D Cubez, Orbz and Bubble       $9.00 per balloon

        22″ 3-D Cubez, Orbs and Bubble       $10.00 per balloon

26” Mylar                                    $9.00 per balloon

34”-36” Large Mylar                            $12.00 per balloon

Airwalker                                       $25.00 per balloon

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