Virtual Learning Support Drop-Off Events

We help build children’s confidence through positive reinforcement and make learning fun, so they can become independent learners!

Looking for some help with virtual learning for your school-aged children without any commitment that many places require? Whether you are a working parent or not, it is nice to know there is flexibility in some schedule and give you the occasional break you may need. We’re here to help with our Virtual Learning Support Drop-Off Events. We have hourly, 4-hour morning, or 4-hour afternoon options. Please let us know if you need an earlier drop-off and later pickup.

Please note: This program is not to replace your child’s enrollment in school. A lesson plan and instruction must be provided by a teacher from a school. Our staff is here to  help your child navigate through their lesson plan, keep them on task, and provide any assistance they may need to have a successful school day.

Students are required to bring their own headphones, tablet/laptop, school supplies, and log in credentials to access online classroom.

Recommended for Pre-K to 3rd grade. Maximum attendance is 6 kids. They will have their own work space, spaced out nicely in our bright and cozy learning environment.

Please pack a snack or lunch, and drink for your child. We can provide them at an additional cost. They will get some playtime during breaks. Most importantly, their school work will be done while you take care of yourself.

Enrichment activities may include arts and crafts, STEM activities, etc.

Virtual Learning Support Drop-Off Events dates may vary, so always check our website. You may also contact us at or call (919) 346-1014 for availability. If you want to coordinate with other parents for a certain date and time, let us know and we may be able to help.