Get Things Done

                                                                Take Care of Yourself while we take care of your kids. 




Need to run errands? Don’t have any one to help out and/or just need some time for yourself (with friends or spouse)? We totally understand so Drop Off your children with us during our DROP OFF Events! DROP OFF events may include Mini Camps, Parent’s Morning Out, Parent’s Night Out, or Craft and Play. They will play and have fun while you take care of things. They will enjoy playing in a clean, fun and safe environment. Potty-Trained NOT Required. NO TV OR ANY SCREEN TIME HERE!

DROP-OFF Events, dates, and times will vary so always check the Special Events, Drop-Off Events on our website or give us a call at (910) 339-6415. If you need extra time or want to coordinate with other parents for a certain date and time, let us know and we may be able to help. Activities may include open play, singing, dancing, story time, arts, crafts, and sensory play. As a courtesy to others, please notify us immediately of any changes to your schedule, so we are able to help another family who needs our service.

Space is limited and reservation is required. Event may be cancelled without prior notice if there are no reservations made 48 hours in advance.


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